Odds and Sods

Maximizing our Time, How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

As 2014 starts, the realization that our 24 hours in a day goes far too fast is once again confirmed.  If you are like me, then before you know it another week has passed that my personal life was far less productive than anticipated.  Oh if there were only 36 hours in a day, or […]

Social Distortion at the Denver Ogden Theater

Social Distortion, one of the godfather’s of punk rock, is a must see if you have a chance. So when the opportunity presented itself, why wouldn’t you see them?  They finished their 2011 tour in Denver, Colorado with three back-to-back shows from Friday to Sunday starting on December 2nd at the Ogden Theater.  We ended […]

Batman Noël

Lee Bermejo take’s a unique and entertaining approach with his new representation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  With Batman as Scrooge, this graphic novel puts a fun twist on this holiday classic for the holidays. Now I don’t think I have read a graphic novel since I would venture to say, The Death of […]