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The Johnny Cash Museum, Long Live the Man in Black

 Johnny Cash Museum
119 3rd Avenue South, Suite 110
Nashville, TN 37201

Back in September 2012 during the previous ION GNSS conference, I shared a cab with a friendly lady who lived in downtown Nashville.  Although the drive is only about 15 minutes long, we started talking since I had never been to Nashville before.  After some small talk, she shared a childhood memory of living down the street from Johnny Cash where she would frequently see him on his porch.  She was young and didn’t appreciate who he was at the time, but she said “he doesn’t always wear black.”  I couldn’t help but smile about that.  You could just see the nostalgia on her face and in her voice.  A great memory indeed.  For mostly everyone else, the Nashville, Tennessee Johnny Cash Museum will be the closest that we will ever get to him.  Please see the following link on my WordPress.org site to access the entire article.

The Johnny Cash Museum Long Live the Man in Black Blog Entry, Pictures and Video.

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